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DIPICRYL 03V07 S (Soft)

Aqueous polymer dispersion used to manufacture all types of adhesives, primers and textured finishes
Chemical Nature: Aqueous dispersion of a VAM VEOVA 10 copolymer
DIPICRYL 03V07 S (Soft) is used to manufacturer building adhesives such as tile adhesives in paste form and panel adhesives, etc. The high binding power of DIPICRYL 03V07 S (Soft) also allow it to be used to formulate primers, textured finishes and sealants.
Formulations that contain pigments and fillers have to contain dispersing agents in sufficient quantities to ensure that they remain stable in storage.
The minimum film-forming temperature of DIPICRYL 03V07 S (Soft) can be lowered by adding a coalescent solvent in the required quantity. Cellulose ethers and polyacrylates can be used to adjust the viscosity.
Commercial defoamers can be used to suppress foam. It is usually sufficient to ass 0.05 – 0.2%, expressed as a proportion of the adhesive. The exact amount of defoamer has to determine in trials.
We would recommend adding preservatives to adhesives and sealants that contain DIPICRYL 03V07 S (Soft) to protect them from microbial attack over long periods in storage. The compatibility and efficacy of preservatives must be tested in trials.

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