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DIPICRYL HM is a Polyvinyl acrylic copolymer dispersion of low viscosity and mixed particle size specially developed for book binding industries .
Physical Properties
1. Solid contents : 58 + 1%
2. Viscosity : 20 - 40 poises
3. pH : 4 - 5
4. Minimum film forming temperature : 4°C
A prerequisite to successful bonding with aqueous plastic dispersion is that, one of the components to be bonded must be capable of absorbing water. Adhesive based on DIPICRLY HM are used by roller coating machine for
1. Gally making, and to bonds various fallowing surfaces in book binding indusrty
2. Paper To Board,
3. Cloth to cardboard.
4. Laminated surfaces to craft paper
5. For bonding Plys of paper.

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